HEMP Dryers

HEMP - High Efficiency Multi Phase - Dryers

IEC Thermo HEMP dryers combine established drying and processing techniques into a unique attrition flash drying process that keeps cannabinoid molecules intact and undamaged, providing a timely and cost-effective means of stabilizing your valuable harvest before mold, mildew or composting can occur, allowing for future processing at a pace you determine.

Dryer Open Houses

See a dryer in-person!  IEC Thermo is holding open houses starting in January 2019.  Contact Brett Schnepf @ bretts@iecompanies.com/425-829-2080 to schedule your HEMP Dryer tour!

       Colorado Springs HEMP 3000S Dryer
                 The Plant Mfg. Co.

Advanced Control Set – New for 2019

  • Data Logging and Remote Access
  • Automated System Startup Logic

Features and Benefits

  • Protection of your cultivars with low temperature operations
  • Significant reduction in labor and square footage requirements
  • Continuous Feed, with 3-minute drying time
  • Flexibility of modular drying systems to meet current demand and future growth
  • Minimum of moving parts - easily operated and maintained

System Details

  • Dryer capacities for your application – 1000 lbs. to over 15,000 lbs. per-hour (wet in)
  • Moisture levels reduced from 80% to under 10%
  • Hopper, auger, and conveyor feed-in and output options to fit your requirements
  • Order-to-delivery time is 8 to 16 weeks

System Start-up/Training Included, Professional Installation Available

  • System start-up and initial personnel training included
  • IEC offers domestic and international installation options

Schedule your 2019 Installation Now!

  • 2019 installations are filling up, please consider an early installation, contact us for availability.

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H.E.M.P. Dryers for 2019

Updated: 02-21-2019