High Efficiency Multi-Pass - HEMP and Fluid Bed Dryers

IEC Thermo High Efficiency Mulit-Phase HEMP dryers combine established drying and processing techniques into a drying process that keeps cannabinoid molecules intact and undamaged, providing a timely and cost-effective means of stabilizing your harvest before mold, mildew or composting can occur, allowing for future processing at a pace you determine.

  • Protection of your cultivars with low temperature operations
  • Significant reduction in labor and square footage requirements 
  • ContinuousFeed, with 3-minute drying time
  • Flexibility of modular drying systems to meet current demand and future growth
  • Easily operated and maintained

IEC Thermo also offers custom fluid bed solutions for various agricultural biomass drying and processing.  

From hemp to dairy cattle bed sand to chicken manure we are ready to provide you with a customized and cost-effective drying solution.

Drying Applications:

Hemp (for CBD)   •   Animal Manures & Residuals   •   Agriculture Products   •   DDG   •   Food Wastes

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